as Leader
Cosmic Adventure (2016, Sunnyside)
- Brooklyn Bazaar (2012, Sunnyside)

as Sideman
- Shareef Clayton, "North & South" (2015)
- Anthony Braxton Trillium J (2014)
- Original Motion Pictures Soundtrack (Evil Man Blues) for "John Wick" (2014)
- Wonderful World, Yvonnick Prene Group (2014)
- Talking Strings, Darius Scheider (2013)
- The Candy Shop Boys feat Sophia Urista (2013)
- Like A Road Leading Home, Sofia Laiti; James Weidman (2011)
- Tony Middleton, Lofish Studios Session (2011)
- Ephemera - Distance, Christian Ravaglioli (2011)
- When We Arrive, Foldersnacks, Jesse Elder (2010)
- Sangatsu, Keiichi Murata (2010) 
- Roll the Dice, Yvonnick Prene Group (2007)
- Introducing, Yvonnick Prene Group (2006)

- John Wick featuring Keanu Reeves and Willem Dafoe (2014)
- Anthony Braxton "Trillium J" DVD (fine cut version) (2014)
- Janet Cardiff Video Walk, Fondation Louis Vuitton (2014)
- David Letterman Show on CBS (2013)
- America's Got Talent Season 8, Ep 824, 826 and 827 on NBC (2013)
- Documentary "DOUBLE JEUX" Tony Tixier Quartet invite Scott Tixier, CINAPS TV (2013)
- "Ogres, les Fauves de Farafangan" by Léandre Bernard Brunel, ARTE Creative (2011)
- "Silent Night" Directed by Bryan Parker, Sony (2011)
- "Pierre et Fils" Pierre Palmade, TF1 (2008)
- "Tous Places" Alban Capello, Atypik prod, Equidia TV (2005)

-Elton John - A Grammy Salute (Madison Square Garden) 2018
- Roger Waters | "Is This the Life We Really Want?" Late Show With Stephen Colbert 2017
-Solange Tour 2017 (Radio City Music Hall) 2017
-Jimmy Fallon Show with The Roots & Tyler The Creator 2017
- Christina Aguilera | NBA All-Star Game Session 2015
- 72nd Golden Globe Awards on NBC with John Legend and Common nominated for "Best Original Song" for 'Glory' from the film Selma.
- Stevie Wonder at Madison Square Garden performing "Songs in the Key of Life" 2014 Tour
- David Letterman Late Night Show CBS (Strings)
- America's Got Talent NBC (House band strings)
- John Wick starring Keanu Reeves (solo violin on set and soundtrack)
- Lonnie Plaxico Band
- Dave Douglas FONT
- Anthony Braxton: Opera Trillium J
- Joseph C. Phillips's Numinous Ensemble w/ Sara Serpa, Becca Stevens, Julie Hardy, Charenee Wade
- The Candy Shop Boys
- Tony Middleton Band
- Mark Feldman curating at the Stone
- Inaugural Program for the Fondation Louis Vuitton. Providing the soundtrack with Tony Tixier in a commissioned work by Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller.
- Late Show with Stephen Colbert  CBS (strings) 2016
-Late Night with Seth Meyers 2017
-The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon